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Celebrate the Summer Solstice with a special package

Commit to four one hour sessions with me and save money in July and August.

You can choose from massage, shiatsu massage or reflexology and the total cost will be £200 for four sessions. Also experience a fifteen minute session of sound healing after your one hour treatment.

And there’s something else!

I am looking for a case study for my Sound Healing training. Enjoy four one hour sessions of sound with tuning forks accompanied by an ocean drum, rain stick and Tibetan cymbals. There is no charge at all for you. In return I would like your feedback.

Tuning forks are a unique relaxing experience. Enjoy the sounds as you are bathed in the vibrations of the forks. Client feedback has been great, from deep soothing relaxation, to enjoying a clear calm mind to feeling energised.

You will find the sounds of the forks are unlike any sounds you have experienced. Total bliss!

To find out more about the sound healing, I have written two blogs and the links are here and here

See you soon


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