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" There is nothing either good or bad except that thinking makes it so"

-- William Shakespeare

Stone Massage Therapy.

Emma has been my massage therapist and reflexologist for around 8 years. I started having back massages and reflexology at my workplace, and now visit Emma at home for full body massage with hot stones or reflexology with hot stones at a reasonable price for an hour's session.

Emma is always positive, friendly, offering good advice as well as a professional  service and very good massage and reflexology.  I would also recommend Emma's hot stones as this provides a deeper effect.

 I recommend that you make an appointment with Emma as you won't be disappointed.

C Darn, Leatherhead.  

I first started seeing Emma in 2008 when I found out about the on-site massages she offered at my workplace. I had noticed that working at a desk for 8 hours a day was affecting my neck and shoulders. Emma's on-site massage is exactly what I needed, getting the knots and aches out of my back wonderfully, not to mention providing a relaxing break from work. The on-site massage is tailored for the office, allowing you to sit in a massage chair and enjoy your treatment while remaining clothed. This means you can pop in during your lunch break or after a meeting and focus on relaxing during your 30 minutes.


While I worked in the Leatherhead office I was a regular visitor to Emma's massage room. Emma is very approachable and makes you feel at ease with her.  Her massages are fantastic and she takes care to find out your preferences in terms of pressure, as well as identifying any particular areas you want worked on. 


When I changed offices and could no longer make her sessions in Leatherhead, I started visiting Emma in her lovely home and having hour-long sports massages on a regular basis. These were also excellent and really helped get my back into shape. Emma has created a perfect, relaxing space in her home for clients to enjoy their massages. My back is always grateful after a session with her and I have noticed much less discomfort since I started seeing her. I would recommend her treatments to anyone looking for a friendly, competent masseuse with reasonable prices and a lovely personality. Thanks Emma for all your help over the years, it is very appreciated.

A Krol, Leatherhead

“Emma, I have fantastic news. My son had a great car journey down through France and Spain, with not one panic attack. In fact, I don't believe he has had a panic attack since finishing his last session with you. The tools you have given him to cope seem to work brilliantly and he is so much happier. Over the summer my son worked on a building site doing all sorts of jobs, even ending up supervising men three times his age! It has helped his confidence no end and that, coupled with your amazing therapy, has enabled him to be such a much better person in himself.

I can't thank you enough."

"You have literally changed a young person's life and given him courage and belief in himself.”

Mrs F, Epsom

Emma is the best physical therapist I have come across worldwide. She resolved many muscle pain issues and stress issues I had. Highly recommended.

M Kizirian, Ashtead

“Thank you for saving my life.  That may sound dramatic, but it is the absolute truth.  Six months ago, I was climbing the walls with frustration at how my (boring) life was collapsing around me due to chronic insomnia.  My doctor would not prescribe sleeping tablets and so I was desperate to overcome a life-changing condition.  So I tried yoga, stopped eating and drinking after 6pm, gave up alcohol but, most importantly, made an appointment with you for hypnotherapy.  And I am sure it was the hypnotherapy and reflexology that have released me from the depression and terrible anxiety I was going through.  You know, Emma, even typing this now, I find it hard to remember just how ill and suicidal I was, but I only have to read my diary.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have my life back and to be able to go to bed at night without being terrified of having another night without sleep.  Since 8 July, I have been sleeping like a baby. Thank you so much.”

S Hartley, Ashtead

When Emma mentioned that she practices Shiatsu I thought she was talking about a long lost Japanese Martial Art!  Emma explained that it was a form of massage that uses acupuncture points. 


I have been having Shiatsu from Emma for a few years now. Shiatsu has reduced the pain in my lower back and hips and I will certainly continue visiting Emma to have the Shiatsu massage.

W Liszka, Worcester Park.

I have been going to Emma  for several years for a sports massage and hot stone treatment for my upper back problems

The treatments are amazing and are so beneficial , making a huge improvement on my daily management of my back problems."

"Emma is extremely knowledgeable within her field  and provides an excellent range of therapies

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

E Moore, Bookham.

I was recommended to Emma four years ago after I had strained my back a couple of times and was struggling with my active lifestyle.  She sorted out my back and I have been seeing her for regular MOT sports massages ever since.

Emma takes time to fully understand any aches and niggles 

and tailors each massage session accordingly.  She has a wonderful ability to put you at your ease and it is very much a case of your time in her room.  Regular massage from Emma has proved extremely effective in preventing injury and improving my general physical well being.   I can highly recommend her massages.

S Bowe, Surrey.

Emma is a very calming and reassuring therapist. It is clear that Emma has your best interests at heart, and she conducts herself in a highly professional manner.  Emma's  sessions are always beneficial and produce real change.  I enjoy therapy with Emma and would recommend her to anyone.

J Dixon, Leicester.

I went to Emma for hypnotherapy during a cycle of IVF. I found it a helpful source of support for coping with anxiety and stress during this time. It left me feeling calmer, much more positive

and more in control of my thoughts.

K Wilson, Ashtead.

"I was very afraid of flying for over 20 years, and normally taking serious medication to combat this. It was very interesting to know that Emma also does hypnotherapy. My last flight to the USA which was recent, made me nervous. I was only able to book 2 appointments before I went. Emma was positive, calm and reassuring, and after both sessions I definitely had a better attitude towards my impending departure. Emma also gave me lots of helpful hints and tricks for before and during the flight. I can now happily report that following hypnotherapy, I didn't feel at all anxious during my flights. My medication didn't leave my bag. I thank you Emma. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy with you."  

H D Green, Ashtead.

I've been visiting Emma for Shiatsu massage. Emma is knowledgeable, experienced and professional. She always delivers her service at a very high standard. I find Shiatsu very calming, both for the mind and body. It relaxes my tense muscles and improves my flexibility. As a personal trainer and strength training enthusiast, this is just what I need. Thank you Emma!”

W Shiu, Leatherhead

"I have regular Shiatsu treatments with Emma. She is an excellent practitioner. As a fellow Shiatsu therapist, and a Shiatsu teacher with over twenty years experience, I should know.” 

D Talbot, Cheam

I've been visiting Emma for Shiatsu massage. Emma is knowledgeable, experienced and professional. She always delivers her service at a very high standard. I find Shiatsu very calming, both for the mind and body. It relaxes my tense muscles and improves my flexibility. As a personal trainer and strength training enthusiast, this is just what I need.


I would also like to say thank you to Emma for her group relaxation session which I took part in. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and found the session very calming and relaxing. Highly recommended! 

W Shiu, Leatherhead

 "I attended a group hypnotherapy session with Emma.  I did not

know what to expect as I have never had hypnotherapy. I was blown away with the technique and competence of Emma; she really knows what she is talking about.  I felt so relaxed and energised after the session; I can highly recommend you try it out too!"

L Wright, Headley

"I have just completed a course of hypnotherapy for anxiety with Emma and it was an enlightening experience. 

I was not entirely convinced beforehand that hypnotherapy would help, but under her very professional, calm, and kind guidance, I found a wonderful new set of tools which allow me to feel much more able to control my anxiety. 

It was an extremely positive and relaxing experience, and has given me so much more confidence knowing I can use what I have learned whenever I need to.  I cannot recommend and thank Emma enough! ” 

J Samuel, Reigate

“I had the pleasure of experiencing a group relaxation session with Emma as part of the wellbeing and fitness day she organised. This was the last session of the day and rounded off the afternoon perfectly after a number of much more active ones. Emma guided us through a 30 minute safe space meditation. Her soothing voice made it very easy to relax and follow her instructions for entering our safe spaces and focusing on the experience. She brought us out from the meditation state in a pleasant manner and it was clear that our whole group had enjoyed it, I certainly did! I would definitely recommend booking Emma's group relaxation therapy session, be it as part of a mental health initiative in the office, a team building exercise or with a couple of friends. A wonderful way to escape the stress of life for a while and enjoy the after-effects of being in a safe space, with the ability to call it back whenever you need to. Thank you Emma!”​

A McCullagh, Ashtead

“I have suffered/fought with work related anxiety for over 25 years and the condition is brought about due to catastrophising.  In May I had my worst and darkest episode. I cannot even begin to explain what a bad place I was in and it resulted in me having to take time off my work for the first time in years.

This led me to explore other potential opportunities to minimise the impact the condition has had on me.  I came across Anxiety UK and I was introduced to Emma.  From the initial consultation I have found Emma to be professional, calming and reassuring.


It was also reassuring that a large professional organisation like Anxiety UK had done all the relevant due diligence regarding qualifications and recommended Emma and Wright4relaxation.

I was a little sceptical regarding hypnotherapy initially particularly doing it via video messaging.  I was very concerned about how effective treatment would be via video link.  However, I am glad to say it has been hugely successful. No need to waste time travelling or the cost and rather than trying to relax in unfamiliar surroundings you have the benefit of being able to do it in the comfort of your own home.

Being able to relax is very important for this type of treatment, so being able to do it from home is a huge benefit!  I have been seeing Emma now for a few months and as a result have retuned back to work.  I will continue to see Emma going forward. My thinking is it is always good to keep your tools well maintained.

Although I cannot say I am cured, I can say this journey has considerably lessened the impact my anxiety has on me and my working life.  It is something which I have built into my life just like you may do with the gym or a hobby and has been hugely beneficial.  My suggestion is, keep an open mind. If you’re not having success with other treatments/therapies give this a go. There is every chance you will be surprised!” 

KM, Leatherhead

“I have recently attended a couple of group sessions with Emma. Both were hypnotherapy for relaxation using safe space, and although the content was similar, each session was slightly different. I was a little bit skeptical beforehand and didn't really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. She explains everything clearly in advance and she has a very calm and gentle tone of voice which makes it easy to just listen; picture the situation, and relax into it. Everyone in both groups really enjoyed the sessions and it was clear that we all came away feeling more relaxed afterward. I would definitely recommend the group relaxation and I am looking forward to more sessions in the future. 

E Brown, Ashtead

"I recently visited Emma for hypnotherapy with my daughter who has been struggling with extreme anxiety before exams. Emma allowed me to be ever present in the session which was reassuring for my child and helped me to understand her methods and practise. After some extremely useful breathing exercises she began the guided story, which was completely tailored to my daughters young age.


Using metaphors and examples that my daughter would understand and recognise made the experience comforting and accessible. Since the visit my daughter has used the techniques to great effect and has played the recording Emma made of the session before an important and usually stressful day. I am very pleased to say it has really helped to change her mindset and we will continue to use her techniques".


H Underwood, Ashtead

"Hypnotherapy works! If you are sceptical, like I was, please give it a try. I recently had to undergo a medical “procedure” that I was required to stay awake for, I was very nervous but I remembered the techniques Emma showed me and I was so relaxed I fell asleep. Try it, it works."

L Stewart, Ashtead

I found Emma to be calming and empathic. I felt myself relaxing totally during my sessions with Emma. I still use parts of her techniques at night if I have trouble getting to sleep."



L Thorpe, Leatherhead

I have been visiting Emma for several years now for treatments, initially for on-site massage in my workplace, and then visiting her for shiatsu...which I find very effective...especially as it helps with my aches and pains. Emma is a great therapist.  


M O'Brien, Surrey

"I have been receiving various treatments from Emma for a while now. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every one. Today I had a hot stone massage and it was wonderful. I floated home. Thank you Emma for always listening to my needs and for making me feel so much better afterwards. Anyone who needs to de-stress, or relax needs an Emma in their life!! "

H Woodford, Ewell

"I've been alternating Reflexology and Shiatsu massage every 4 weeks for the last year, with Emma. I'd never had Shiatsu before, but it's just the best! And I always leave feeling like I'm floating on a cloud! Emma is a very caring and professional therapist who makes you feel at ease and spoilt!"


R Jones, Ashtead

"Emma is an excellent massage therapist who listens to her clients and provides individualised treatments. I highly recommend her. My experience was very personal and the massage was tailored to fit the specific areas which I wanted work on. Emma gives guidance and direction to how best recover from my injury. Emma made me feel comfortable and relaxed."


G Gallone, Ewell 

“Emma is fantastic! I always come away from our sessions feeling relaxed and rested. Emma really listens to your needs and tailors the treatment accordingly. Highly recommend.”


C Byrne, Ashtead

“I went to see Emma for hypnotherapy to help me with ‘comfort eating’. I found the sessions so beneficial that I decided to try a few other areas of my life that I felt I needed more control over: social media, not getting enough sleep and professional performance anxiety.

Each session commenced with an honest discussion about how these issues were affecting my life and how they made me feel. Emma was able to distil the essence of the problem and focus on those issues in each hypnotherapy session, to reinforce a positive message each time. She made a recording on my phone, so that I could listen to the sessions whenever I needed to – which was helpful and convenient. The repetition of the message really helps to keep only the ‘good thoughts’ at the forefront of my mind. I have lost weight, I have deactivated my Social Media account and I am feeling a lot less ‘outraged’ and more relaxed with life. I feel free and in control – thank you Emma!”        

Mrs A, Epsom

to Sound Healing Testimonials

"I had been suffering from a very sore neck for a month following an ice-skating accident before I experienced sound healing with Emma. Emma clearly explained what I could expect from this treatment. She took time to ask me about my neck injury, how it was affecting me, and what improvement I was hoping for. I found her very reassuring and knowledgeable. She explained what pain-relief I could achieve with the forks, as well as the relaxing visualisations I would likely experience whilst she was using the forks on me.


The sound healing treatment was extremely relaxing and soothing. I felt tension easing in my body almost instantly, and enjoyed many visuals as my mind drifted and listened to the different frequencies of the forks. The following day, to my amazement, I had full movement in my neck again, and within 2 more days, no pain at all! Brilliant!

I received further sound healing from Emma since, to cope with wisdom tooth pain before surgery, and also for motivation to begin an educational course I had been putting off. Both times I was entirely satisfied with the results of the treatment and I always look forwards to the sounds of her forks, flute, and many other instruments. I am looking forward to a session focusing on calm and relaxation next time now that my other goals have been achieved. 


I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is unsure of what it can achieve, and would undoubtedly recommend Emma for her knowledge, understanding, and professionalism."


Lorraine F,


More feedback from happy clients!

"The instruments that Emma chose produced exquisite sounds that reverberated throughout my body and made me feel light in spirit, energised and at peace."


"Sound healing was powerful, made me feel relaxed and calm. I felt very safe with Emma and look forward to my next session."


"I came for sound therapy as I was going through a massive change in my life both personally and professionally and needed help to find calmness and mental/emotional stability within me.

I feel much calmer and grounded now and a sensation of being tuned. By the end of the fourth session I felt more whole and in balance emotionally."


"I had no idea how my body would respond to sound therapy. Thanks to Emma, the whole experience has been extremely positive and rewarding. It is something I will continue to use when I feel it’s necessary."


"I enjoyed the chance to explore inside myself and to have the time and space to find peace and relaxation."


"What I found most valuable was the fact it reduced pain - I found the deep sounds near my ears had a profound connection to brain."


"I liked the combination of the various tuning forks and the way the sound vibrations made me feel. Emma also described how each tuning fork tunes into different parts of the body  which helped me."

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