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- I accept payment in the form of cash, cheque or via PayPal (you can pay by debit or credit card). PayPal fees will be added to the cost of your session

- Sometimes it is unavoidable that you need to cancel a session. If you need to cancel and you give me 48 hours notice then no payment is due. If you cancel giving me less than 48 hours notice then full payment for the session will be due, unless I can find someone to take your session

- If you block book and pay for five sessions in advance, you will receive 20% discount on your fifth session

- For referrals to family or friends leading to one kept appointment, you will benefit from 20% discount on your next session

- Online hypnosis sessions are payable up to 24 hours in advance

- A reduction of fees is possible if someone is experiencing financial hardship. I am willing to negotiate a fee which is affordable as I believe therapy should be available for anyone who needs it


General Policies

- A Client Consultation Form will be completed by me at the outset of your first session. All information you provide is confidential and used only for the purposes of your sessions. Your written consent is required prior to treatment

- A copy of my Medical Checklist is available on this website 

- It is advisable not to eat for one hour before massage/shiatsu/reflexology, and to drink water afterwards

- Pain management within mind relaxation therapy, can be undertaken under a medical referral or GP letter of consent  



- Your feedback is important to me, so I may improve to the best of my ability. I welcome your feedback via the form on my website.

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