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"The mind is in its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven"  

-- Milton, Paradise Lost 

Sport Massage Therapy.

I will customise your treatment to fit your specific needs. Sports massage works deeply into the muscle tissues and is especially effective in reducing tightness, knots or pain in muscles. Sports massage can help to prevent or minimise sports injury, and to prepare for and maximise sports performance. It also helps with postural injuries.

Advice on stretching and strengthening exercises can be provided to strengthen the effectiveness of your treatment. As I have past experience working alongside fully qualified physiotherapists in the NHS hospital setting, I am familiar with the rehabilitation of a multitude of injuries.

The sports massage techniques I use are neuro-muscular technique (NMT), soft tissue release (STR), muscle energy technique (MET), and connective tissue manipulation.  All are effectively used by chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists.  

  • NMT is used on sore points , knots, adhesions or tight areas of muscle. This provokes a reflex in the nervous system helping muscles to relax

  • STR also releases tension, adhesions and stickiness in muscles. Friction is created in the local area of tension which stretches fibres away from the point of pressure

  • MET is effective where joints can be moved to stretch muscles. This improves the capacity of muscles to stretch by up to thirty percent. Improves your flexibility, suppleness and mobility and relieves muscle stiffness

  • CTM is used when muscles cannot be loosened by other techniques due to tight connective tissues. It releases the fluids trapped within the connective tissue between muscle fibres and breaks up adhesions in superficial connective tissue layers


Gift Vouchers are available and can be personalised with your own message. A really popular option with my clients.



Pregnancy Massage.

Pregnancy massage is beneficial for mother and baby, and gives emotional, psychological and physiological support during a time of significant change. Feel good endorphins can be passed from mother to baby during massage. 

From the second trimester of pregnancy, massage has many benefits including: relief for sore and achy muscles; aiming to reduce swelling and blood pressure; helping reduce morning sickness and cramps by applying pressure to the appropriate acupuncture points.


I also offer a fertility and healthy pregnancy package.

I recognise that everyone’s needs are different, which is why I have a range of relaxation therapies. The journey prior to and throughout pregnancy is a hectic one, and it can be stressful. Once you decide you want to start a family you will want to do everything in your power to get pregnant and have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

My aim is to support good health prior to conception and throughout pregnancy, as your body changes.

You can choose which treatment or combination of treatments is right for you. In addition to pregnancy massage I offer:

  • Reflexology focused on the pressure points of the feet corresponding to the reproductive organs and hormones. The aim is to increase fertility and encourage pregnancy   

  • Hypnotherapy to improve fertility indirectly through relaxation and stress management. Empowerment and confidence building throughout the pregnancy journey 

  • Hot stone and warm bamboo massage for body and mind relaxation prior to pregnancy  

  • Reflexology from the second trimester of pregnancy until childbirth to relieve a sore back and swollen feet and for general relaxation

  • Hypno-reflexology with the aim of increasing fertility and promoting relaxation prior to pregnancy and from the second trimester



"I started going to Emma for massages after a ten minutes taster at work made more difference to my injured shoulder than a course of physiotherapy had done.  Half an hour a fortnight helps with both my shoulder and other aches and pains in my neck and back from cycling, lying awkwardly, digging the allotment and sitting for too long at my desk.  Emma comes into our office once a week meaning it is easy to find time for a half hour massage as there is no travel time to worry about.


Recovering from a broken ankle, I was suffering with a lot of swelling causing general discomfort and difficulty walking.  An hour’s reflexology from Emma made an astounding difference.  The swelling reduced, I could walk comfortably and I was totally relaxed.  I continued with weekly sessions for several weeks, and would recommend reflexology to anyone.”


D Hicks, Leatherhead



£55 per hour - Book Now

Cost of the fertility and healthy pregnancy package varies according to the treatment(s) chosen

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