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"We can make our minds so still like water"

-- W B Yeats  

About Emma.

My journey has been a body-mind one, and teaching my body and mind to relax and be calm has been key to achieving my goals. It is my strong belief that helping people connect with their mind and body, by managing physical and emotional challenges, and promoting relaxation, has the greatest potential for happiness and fulfilment.


For me, it's felt like I've been climbing one mountain after another, and just when I'm enjoying a downhill slope, I come to another mountain. Whilst I recognise there will always be challenges, they are temporary and can be signposts. We can benefit from a multi-dimensional toolkit of coping techniques which I have designed, modified and adapted over the years.


More and more I am finding I can relax and make my mind still like water... and I will help you to find that same peace of mind and contentment. 

As we are all different and unique beings, some of us benefit most from body relaxation strategies, in the form of massage, shiatsu and reflexology. Other people benefit more from mind relaxation strategies, and I specialise in hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy. I provide you with the choice of a wide range of therapies. You might decide to stay with one preferred treatment or to combine treatments. Hot stones used as part of a massage can either promote relaxation or allow me to work deeper into muscle tension. Hypnotherapy can be effective alongside reflexology to reduce anxiety and sleepless nights. Hippocrates said, “Whatever happens in the mind influences the body and vice versa. In fact, mind and body cannot be considered individually one from the other.” This quote from Hippocrates suggests  taking advantage of the benefits of body and mind treatments is good for health and well being.


All my therapies help to break deeply ingrained and unwanted behavioural patterns and unlock your inner resources. Your aim might be recovery from or prevention of a sports or postural injury, relief from a physical or medical symptom, to improve fertility or simply just to relax. I can help you to free yourself from fear or doubt accumulated in the past. Also to help you to open the door to new possibilities, and see the vitality you hold inside of yourself.


Sessions will be tailored to your needs and goals, whether you are looking for body or mind relaxation, or a combination of both. Whilst we work together you are always in control. You are in the driving seat. I am your guide. My aim is to help you to achieve your goal.

Please read on below ...

My story.

I suffered a serious physical injury as a teenager, which, although I didn't know it at the time, was to be the catalyst for future change. Following a long career in Retail Banking I resigned and reassessed my priorities, focusing on what was important. After two operations my chronic pain was, by then, affecting every aspect of my life. At that time, physiotherapy (from a blind therapist), regular exercise, and complimentary therapy helped me to manage my chronic pain. I wanted to help others, so from 2006, I trained in sports and injuries massage, shiatsu and reflexology whilst working as an assistant physiotherapist with the NHS.


Time and time again, I have experienced the power of the body-mind connection. Whilst working as an assistant physiotherapist, I found that patients with a positive mindset appeared to recover from operations more quickly and successfully. Wanting to understand more about the power of the human mind, my journey then took me through a BSc Honours Degree in Psychology, qualifying in 2011, training in 2013 as a counsellor, and then a Postgraduate Diploma with distinction in Clinical Hypnotherapy, awarded in 2018 (following three years of University research in the following areas: Pain Management; Hypnotherapy and relaxation; Insomnia and sleep management; Emotional Abuse; Third wave therapies including mindfulness and other revolutionary cognitive based approaches).

In 2022 I began my studies with the Sound Healing Academy achieving a Diploma in Integral Sound Healing with Tuning Forks. The power of sound alongside my other therapies is transformative and so I introduced complementary sound packages for even more health benefits. The most popular of which are calming anxiety, balancing the nervous system and deepening sleep.


On my health and wellbeing journey I have been a volunteer for: Macmillan Cancer and Brigitte Trust (providing emotional support and complimentary therapy to people with life threatening illness); Victim Support (supporting victims of crime); and Adoption UK (helping adopted children). Currently I am a volunteer hypnotherapist for Anxiety UK.  I've learnt that physical limitations and other stressful situations can impact human behaviour and happiness and promoting the relaxation response is important in everything I do.  

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