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It could be the next big wellbeing trend

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Would you like to enjoy a free taster session of sound healing?

Benefits for you

Sound healing helps the brain and body to synchronise to wavelengths of the most relaxing, yet functional energy frequency. Your body is energy. Different energy frequencies are used to help your body and mind achieve numerous emotional and physical health benefits.

Sound healing encourages the flow of energy in your body. It releases stuck energy impeding good health. It is based on scientific evidence and proven by quantum physics.

Our bodies are truly incredible!

I have introduced the following 15 minute sound healing protocols where I use my aluminium tuning forks to make sound intervals using these musical notes: A, B, low C, G, F, E, D, high C.

-nervous system balance and well being


-increasing creativity

-life direction

-calming anxiety

-quality sleep

-digestive balance

-loss/grief with over thinking

-loss/grief with anger


How do tuning forks actually work in my sessions?

Tuning forks are used to give health benefits in two ways. They produce sound when hit together or with a mallet and are ‘played’ around your body or around the room.

Tuning forks can be placed on different acupressure points, meridians or chakras in the body. In Eastern medicine, these areas are said to be where the energy collects. Forks can also be used on an area of discomfort in muscles or joints to relieve tension. Using the forks on the body in conjunction with massage, shiatsu or reflexology can further improve wellbeing.

Background to what sound healing actually involves

As you know, sound is made up of energy vibrations all around us and inside of us. The human ear cannot detect all sound frequencies, but vibrations are still scientifically proven to affect energy fields around and inside our body.

Sound has the power to heal, even when we can’t hear it. Sounds below our threshold of hearing are called 'infrasound', which is used medically to break up kidney stones. Sounds above our audible range are named 'ultrasound' used medically to produce a photo of a baby in the mother's womb.

Dolphin's can hear frequencies of over 180,000 Hz, which is ten times the human level of hearing. My point is sound is everywhere, all of the time. The power of sound can be used for healing.

To give a practical example, when we listen to music sound vibrations pass through us and flow inside us. We might respond by singing along or moving our body to the rhythm of the sound or energy vibrations. It feels good. The levels in our body of the stress hormone cortisol fall. Feel good endorphins increase, reducing tiredness and boosting the immune system.

The sound doesn’t just change your mood and body in the moment. The positive effects can last for hours or much longer. Days, weeks and months after listening to a favourite song it can pop into your mind. You feel good all over again. That’s what sound healing can do!

Want to know more?

Tuning forks have historically been used to tune musical instruments. Musicians have gone one step further to discover how tuning forks can be used for healing.

Scientific evidence using EEG has proven that sound can change the brain waves. The human body functions optimally at a 7.8 Hz. Tuning forks are used to restore the brainwave frequency to 7.8Hz named the ‘Alpha-Theta Border’. That encourages the body and mind to vibrate in harmony and create balance and well-being.

Have you heard of the 'Mozart Effect'? It is a popular scientific theory that listening to Mozart will increase spatial memory and intelligence - make you smarter! Mozart has been played to school children in the USA extensively to boost learning. Sound healing has great potential.

Sound healing using sound instruments in the western world has only been around for the last fifty years although it has been used for centuries by ancient cultures.

My intention is to help you to achieve optimal health and wellbeing in addition to everything else you are already doing to look after yourself.

Sound produced by tuning forks is an energy which enters the body and mind, to unite with the sound (vibrations) already inside of us. Research studies show vibrations energising our cells and cell molecules.

The free 15 minute sound healing session will be incorporated into your next one hour session with me for massage, reflexology, shiatsu or hypnotherapy.

To book in, just get in touch.

See you soon

Emma at wright4relaxation

Bringing body-mind therapy to Ashtead

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