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Overcome your fears with BWRT

What could be better than to start with a client testimonial.

"I am writing this email on my flight to Rome.

Just wanted to thank you for helping me so much with relaxation and overcoming anxiety about flying.

The build up to the flight was so much better and I was actually able to feel excitement instead of anxiety!

I read a book whilst having breakfast at. the airport and listened to one of your relaxation recordings while the plane took off.

For the first time I can actually use the time on the plane to catch up on things, read my book and relax, rather than feel anxious.

I really wasn't sure what to expect from BWRT. It is amazing.

I will recommend it to anyone with any kind of anxiety or phobia - all you need is an open mind and a desire to change learned behaviours and be transformed!

I can't enthuse enough about how positive and empowered I now feel and not just relaxed about flying but also other areas where unhelpful behaviours were holding me back.

Thank you Emma."

For more information about how BWRT can help you, click here

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