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Would you like to ‘tune into’ complimentary sound therapy with your next one hour treatment?

When I experienced sound healing for the first time I couldn’t believe how good I felt!

On reflection, for as long as I can remember I have used sound to calm me, excite me, motivate me and relax me. Sound complements and sits alongside every mood.

We use sound every day and in so many ways. We listen to sound in different genres of music. Sound radiates everywhere when playing a musical instrument. When walking in the countryside, it is like walking in a sound bath and the sound of birds is like music.

I can confidently say the enjoyment from all the many sounds around you and inside of you can be heightened with sound healing.

Sound is at the forefront of science. Sound has been used in medicine for many years, for example sound is used to treat kidney stones, as ultrasound to scan the body in pregnancy, and in x-rays for medical diagnosis.

Your sound journey with me

Sound therapy can be used alongside shiatsu, reflexology, hypnotherapy and massage to strengthen the benefits of all these treatments.

I use Harmonic and Solfeggio Tuning Forks. There are sixteen forks. Each Tuning Fork has different sounds, each with their own unique health properties. To compliment the sounds from the Tuning Forks I use Tibetan cymbals, a rain stick and a wind chime.

The sound vibrations from the Tuning Forks are attracted to tension in the physical body and mind. Vibrations find any ‘blockage’, shake it up, lift and release the tension and then introduce calm and relaxation. Different sounds are used to disperse tension and then for a grounding experience afterwards.

Some clients have said the sense of wellness, lightness and wholeness is restorative. Others have said that the level of vibration coming into the body shuts out unwanted noise and distractions. It is like the body naturally activates its ‘off switch’ to critical, nonstop inner dialogue. Others say sound therapy has been an opportunity for inward self exploration triggering memories which are significant to them understanding the present.

Everybody’s experience has been different. Would you like to explore your sound journey now?

Just get in touch


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