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Self care on the internet or face to face

Looking for help as you return to the workplace, or as your children go back to school?

Do you need emotional support as we get used to the changing life landscape?

Have tensions led to muscular aches and pains?

Or do you just want to start the New Year feeling good?

You can take a look here at client feedback where I have helped clients of all ages with emotional and physical challenges over the last 15 years.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a gentle way to soothe, calm, motivate or energise your unconscious mind, and to maximise your strengths.

My body treatments including massage, reflexology and shiatsu help relax the physical body and alleviate many uncomfortable symptoms.

If you find yourself stuck at home you can be reassured that research into hypnotherapy has shown how effective online hypnotherapy is. Since lockdowns clients have been telling me online hypnotherapy helps them as much as face to face sessions. I offer both. You can save on travel time and not be affected by self isolation.

Covid and its restrictions on freedoms has heightened anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias. These challenges are likely to stay with us as Covid lessens. Hypnotherapy can equip you to deal with stress and be your best self.

If you want to know more contact Emma at:

Or take a look around my website,

Gift vouchers are also available and have been really popular over the festive season!

Happy New Year!


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