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Are you anxious or fearful about the health risks of covid?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Are unwanted thoughts going round and round in your head?

Do you tend to reach out for comfort foods?

Are you looking for ways to manage your worries?

Many people are struggling with anxiety right now and it is no wonder during these uncertain times. I tailor your very own ‘toolkit’ to help you to feel better by giving you creative coping and relaxation techniques.

I give hypnotherapy sessions online so you can relax in the comfort and safety of your home.

Your toolkit is built specifically for the problems you face and will help you:

· Manage anxiety

· Build self-esteem and motivation

· Manage worries

· To feel calm

· Sleep better

You will have this unique toolkit forever, to use whenever you need it. When you are faced with life’s challenges, you can draw on your skills to meet them head on.

Hypnotherapy can be an incredibly powerful tool in helping you to calm your mind and take control, giving you:

- Speed. Fast results

- Simplicity. Recordings to listen to and creative mind exercises to do between sessions

- Self confidence

To find out more, visit my hypnotherapy page by clicking here and here

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