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Reduce stress quickly

Updated: May 16, 2021

Change the way you feel and respond to anxiety, trauma or worry

Refuse to be held back by anxiety any more

BWRT allows you to take back control of your life by reducing or eliminating unwanted symptoms and negative impacts of stressful situations. That includes the panic flight, fight or freeze response. BWRT will take care of uncomfortable emotions and habitual ways of thinking that may be stopping you from reaching your goals and being who you want to be.

If you let it, fear can be a limiting influence on your life and potential, stopping you from going for what you want, or asserting your needs.

In times of anxiety we can react quickly and without thinking. Actions are frequently conditioned based on previous experiences. For example we might comfort eat, avoid flying to a holiday destination or hide away from doing that work presentation or interview for a job promotion. Before we know it we have taken uncomfortable actions we didn’t want. It is likely the unconscious reptilian brain has taken control before we consciously made a decision.

Other therapies you have tried may not have been successful if they failed to manage anxiety triggers as BWRT does.

To give an example of how BWRT works – some clients frequently tell me they devour a chocolate or other sweet snack before being aware of how much they had eaten. Emotional anxiety, boredom, lack of fulfilment or loneliness can drive us to do what feels good in an attempt to meet our needs.

The brain is a reward detector. We reach out for whatever’s there in the moment. We crave that dopamine high that is ‘chocolate comfort’. The unconscious reptilian brain takes over and doesn’t follow logic. Food choices are not made according to what is healthy or good for us, but instead driven by survival, pleasure and comfort. It is questionable whether we consciously choose what we want to eat.

I believe BWRT is the ‘icing on the cake’ as it can remove triggers which drive us to develop unhealthy habits.

To find out more you can take a look at the BWRT page on the website or make an appointment with me.

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