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Take control of fears and phobias

Is a phobia or anxiety getting in the way of living your life?

Are you tired of wasting time and valuable energy feeling low or frustrated because of fear?

Put to the test I can think of over a hundred phobias. The most unusual sounding to me are Koumpounophobia (buttons) and Tetraphobia (number four)!

It is not until I sat down to write this blog that I realised just how many fears are treatable. That’s a good thing to know.

My clients feel reassured and comforted in the knowledge that with hypnotherapy and BWRT they can overcome a fear that has been holding them back, often for a long time.

The more common fears that I have successfully helped clients with include:

Aerophobia (flying)

Agoraphobia (open spaces)

Aquaphobia (water)

Arachnophpbia (spiders)

Blood –injection-injury-phobia

Claustrophobia (confined spaces)

Emetophobia (vomiting)

Glossophobia (public speaking)

Cynophobia (dogs)

Monophobia (solitude)

Phonophobia (noises)

Social phobia

During sessions I focus on changing your perspective of the fear and developing a new mindset. You will feel a lot more in control and confident after our sessions together.

If you want to read client testimonials click here.

Every moment wasted on the drama that surrounds a fear or phobia can be turned around with hypnotherapy and BWRT. For more background to these therapies click here.

Some phobias and fears represent heightened normal anxiety towards situations we are evolutionarily prepared to fear. For example snakes, spiders, heights and loud noises.

Other times a fear can result when a non-threatening experience is being connected with a traumatic event. For example a car accident in Malta can result in the fear of time away from home, holidays, driving or flying.

Sometimes phobias arise from a particular experience such as a fear of dentists after an unpleasant dental procedure. The fear of a future visit to the dentist is so much worse than the actual experience itself when it happens.

When we are tired or stressed the fear is heightened even more and the situation avoided increasingly. The fear gets worse the more it is avoided.

It doesn’t have to feel like that.

You can take control now

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