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New – Virtual Gastric Band – a revolutionary approach to weight loss

Clinical research found gastric band treatment achieves an average weight loss of 45% of body mass – that is maintained 10 years later!

Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis is an effective treatment for anyone who is looking for a non-surgical, long-term solution to weight loss. It is not a diet. We know diets only work in the short term. Hypnosis works particularly well if you:

· Have tried several different diets without success

· Are unable to sustain weight loss

· Comfort eat due to stress or trauma

· Have difficulty recognising when you have had enough to eat

· Would like to lose weight and become more body confident

Just imagine, for those of us with a body mass of index (BMI) of 35+ the stomach is as big as a watermelon most of the time.

Hypnosis helps the brain perceive the stomach as small as a golf ball – no more overeating! It’s a non-surgical technique which changes how you think about food. Hypnosis can train your mind to be happier with smaller amounts of food.

Hypnotherapy can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you safely achieve your target weight – surgery free!

Benefits of the Virtual Gastric Band package

- Longer term weight loss. It is not a diet. We know diets only work in the short term

- Gives safe results unlike surgery which has many risks

- No time off work as required for surgery, massively less costly using hypnosis

-Teaches your body and mind how to be happy with smaller portions, convincing the brain that the stomach is full after a healthy amount of food and that you have no desire for more food

- Helps you to manage triggers for weight gain, e.g. comfort eating, boredom. Surgery gives no coping mechanisms for stress triggers

- Reduces your anxiety using a range of empowering techniques

- Alternative and creative ways to manage your worries

- Sessions tailored to individual needs, maximising your strengths, to support with confidence in your continued healthy eating patterns and new exercise routine

- Maintains your motivation to maintain your exercise regime, with an introduction to a trusted and successful personal trainer and a range of home exercise videos. Continue to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise with support

- Quality of sleep and deeper relaxation levels can improve long term, with specially recorded sessions unique to you

- After weight loss you can enjoy regular exercise more, feel lighter, more comfortable, less out of breath, and empowered. You will get fitter easier with less effort than if you had been heavier. Exercise improves sleep, helps maintain weight loss as you burn calories more easily

- Powerful visualisation encouraging you to start thinking now about your life after weight loss. Getting into your favourite clothes and buying the clothes you’ve always wanted but don’t look good right now

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