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Hypnotherapy recordings are being offered to rail commuters to help them get into a positive mindset

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Hypnotherapy recordings are being used on Avanti West Coast train services to overcome tiredness, combat feeling overwhelmed, and to improve productivity and confidence says the Director at Avanti.

Here is a link to the article published today on The World - also live on Radio 2 this morning.

I too give you hypnotherapy recordings to use in between our sessions, and these recordings are unique to you. The recordings will be tailored to your specific needs and geared towards the benefits you are looking for. The recordings being unique to you are more powerful and are used to strengthen and maintain the benefits of hypnotherapy.

I too believe in the power of hypnotherapy for psychological, emotional and physical health. The benefits can be enjoyed not only every morning but just before you go to bed at night - to prepare you for a wonderful night's sleep!

I am really excited that the many benefits of hypnotherapy are being recognised and I can't wait to learn how rail commuters will be enjoying their morning sessions which will give them a welcome relaxing and energising start to every day.

More importantly I can't wait to share the magic of hypnotherapy with you. It is a kind of magic you will not have experienced before.

For more information on how hypnotherapy can help you visit my website.

You can contact me here



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