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A fast way to manage anxiety for all ages

I am so glad I visited my local library today! I picked up an incredible book with insight to reducing anxiety.

A couple of years ago I qualified in BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy). The founder of BWRT who trained me published a book this year. Clinical Psychologists, psychiatrists, and counsellors worldwide also use BWRT to help relieve suffering.

And I do get sceptics. I am asked “Well, how can you really speak to and convince my ‘Reptilian Brain’ that the anxiety I am feeling can be managed, changed, reduced and sometimes got rid of completely?”

For a start, anxiety you have experienced is in the past. It’s not present reality. Much of our day to day stressors come from the memory areas of the brain and/or the ‘Reptilian Brain’. That’s the flight or fight pathway in our brain. Yes, the one that saved our hunter gatherer ancestors from a sabre toothed tiger.

It can be argued that our ‘Reptilian Brain’ is in charge of much of our behaviour particularly when we act quickly and straight afterwards ask ourselves “Now why did I do that … again?”

Using BWRT, I will help you to think differently, change your perception of a 'fear' or unwanted behaviour to shift in line with what you want to be feeling, thinking and behaving.

How does that sound? If you are still not convinced then come and have a session with me.

Or you can read Terence Watt’s book, “BWRT. Reboot your life with Brain Working Recursive Therapy”, for lots of background., and read the BWRT pages on my website.

You might know someone that needs help, who hasn’t yet found a way to manage fears, anxiety, trauma, weight loss, insomnia or depression.

The last couple of lockdown years haven’t helped. Anxiety according to official statistics has risen post pandemic.

What have you got to lose? You have everything to gain. Freedom from anxiety for starters.


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