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The Placebo Effect is powerful!

Did you see the Documentary on the BBC’s Horizon programme in October? “The Placebo Experiment: Can My Brain Cure My Body.”

Dr Michael Mosley ran an experiment earlier this year with 117 participants, finding that brain producing chemicals (hence the power of the mind), can be more powerful than painkillers for back pain.

All participants were given a placebo and told that 50% of them had been given a painkiller and 50% the placebo. After the experiment participants were told that ALL of them had been given the placebo. Interestingly, ahead of knowing that they had been administered the placebo, 45% of the participants reported anecdotally “a radically significant improvement in their back pain!”

That's the power of the human mind. It's more powerful than any computer!

Here is a link to the programme which you can watch on IPlayer:

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