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Just landed: new arrivals

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

New in! Sound Healing packages

You are going to love these!

The sounds of Tuning Forks are really calming, relaxing and deepen sleep.

Stress is a major cause of the challenges we face and I'm here to help using the power of sound.

Combined with the sounds of Tuning Forks I use the Native American flute and other sound instruments.

Clients have shared with me that they have found the following packages the most beneficial: Calming Anxiety; Deepening sleep; Balancing the Nervous System; Stimulating creativity and Boosting motivation.

You can enjoy Sound Healing after your massage, shiatsu or reflexology and I also combine sounds with hypnotherapy.

Recordings are available so you can enjoy and maintain the benefits in between sessions. Clients regularly use the recordings to help them with sleep too.

So what are clients saying?

"The sound healing treatment was extremely relaxing and soothing. I felt tension easing in my body almost instantly, and enjoyed many visuals as my mind drifted and listened to the different frequencies of the forks. The following day, to my amazement, I had full movement in my neck again (the muscle tension before the treatment had been painful). Within 2 more days, no pain at all! Brilliant!"

“Sound healing was powerful. I was relaxed and calm. I felt very safe with Emma and look forward to my next session.”

"I had no idea how my body would respond to sound therapy. Thanks to Emma, the whole experience has been extremely positive and rewarding. It is something I will continue to use when I feel it’s necessary."

To find out more about the benefits of a sound healing session, click here

If you would you like to experience a complimentary sound healing session after your next one hour booked treatment with me, get in touch here

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