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The jigsaw of your mind

Approaching a life experience like it were a jigsaw can be really helpful.

This is a fun creative approach to a challenge, something that might be getting you down or making you anxious.

You can make changes to the life jigsaw as you remove pieces and select other pieces which fit a particular scenario better and lead to the results you aspire for. For example to achieve weight loss you might stop eating chocolate or reduce sugar intake in another way. Perhaps you replace unwanted cravings with healthier habits. This is where hypnotherapy can be successful, to help give you the necessary motivation to take better care of your health.

Now we know that some of the parts (jigsaw pieces!) can't be changed because they are outside of our control, e.g. some people or situations. There are other parts which can be changed, and we can empower ourselves by removing those pieces.

And just like the domino effect, make one positive change, replace or change one thing, and that can lead to all sorts of positive change - just by moving one piece of the jigsaw on life's journey!

With hypnotherapy you may find you use your creativity in the most amazing ways. The conscious mind comes up with logical solutions. The unconscious mind with insight and creativity.

We will use the power of hypnosis to harness your creativity, kick off the domino effect and produce the jigsaw of your mind with all the pieces in the right places.

With the help of hypnotherapy, you can return to the jigsaw at any time to consider a situation or problem again from a different perspective, make new choices and find alternative solutions

So what are you waiting for!


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