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Have you experienced sound healing?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

It is fascinating that sound healing dates back more than 2000 years in Tibetan and Himalayan cultures.

My sound healing journey started around ten years ago when visiting Himalayan temples where I observed and listened to Tibetan monks performing sound healing ceremonies. At that time I took part in my first sound healing session which was an extraordinarily calming and insightful experience.

In 2020 I started experimenting with playing tuning forks by combining their magical sounds with a multitude of sound instruments in sessions enjoyed by clients, friends and family. One of the things that makes the sound experience so magical is it's hard to capture the essence of what you feel and hear in words.

Following feedback, I have introduced sound healing packages to complement my other therapies including massage, shiatsu, reflexology and hypnotherapy. Even more health benefits are felt when sound healing is introduced alongside other therapies.

Some of the most popular fifteen and thirty minute packages are for calming anxiety, balancing the nervous system, lifting depression and deepening sleep.

In each session I introduce a combination of sounds tailored to intentions, individual needs and goals. The unique approach I take to each session can give a fresh understanding and insight into the self, is energising, uplifting and introduces feelings of lightness into the physical body. Some people gain clarity and others new ways of seeing in the mind. Others still find sound to be an effective approach to calming emotions.

Some of the sound waves can be felt only in the body (and not in the ears) as lightness, energy, warmth or some other physical feeling. Weighted forks are placed on the acupuncture points, similar to how acupuncture needles are used. The sound vibrations are thought to release blockages of energy in the meridians for natural health and wellbeing. This principle is followed in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) too.

Recordings are available so the benefits of sound healing can be enjoyed long after face to face or online sessions. Like a meditation tool the sounds take you to a safe place.

Sound healing really is powerful and must be experienced to be believed!

To book a free fifteen minute sound healing session just get in touch.


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