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Have you ever “Had a gut feeling that something was wrong”?

Updated: May 14, 2021

Well it’s not all in your head.

Research evidence finds repeatedly that stress hormones interfere with the physiology and function of the gut.

The Vagus nerve sends messages to and from the brain to the heart and millions of bacteria in your gut. The brain is like your central computer and messages are relayed back and forth, a bit like an information highway.

So what can you do?

First, you can get sociable. In research studies, more diverse friendships were found to produce more varied gut microbes, linked to improved gut health.

Second, the Vagus nerve can ignite the relaxation response in your body when you actively find ways to get relaxed, feel calm and in control. That’s because the vagus nerve is partly responsible for regulating breathing, swallowing, heartbeat, digestion and the stress response.

Third, get moving. Regular exercise improves digestion system function and flushes out adrenalin, the stress hormone. Find what exercise you enjoy, and that best fits into your life. Even better get synchronized with others. Activities like singing with others, dancing, eating together, enjoying a group exercise class all improve empathy, sociability and the release of feel good endorphins.

Find out how clinical hypnotherapy and/or reflexology can help with upset digestive system function by contacting me for an informal chat.

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