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Harness your creativity and find the life you want

I believe when we worry endlessly or when we comfort eat, it is often because we are not stimulating our minds.

Our minds love, absolutely crave novelty.

When was the last time you felt wonderfully creative?

Our minds are hugely creative. That is the power of the human mind.

Have you considered this? So powerful our minds are that if we do not channel our thinking healthily, positively, to what we really want, we go to the negatives, to delusion, to worry, to concern. It is that negative bias again, that primitive brain that works so hard to keep us safe.

There is a better way.

We can use our discipline and dedication muscles to get the life we want and maintain that pleasure.

Here’s how.

Keep giving your mind new fuel, new stimulation. Experiment with different activities, do things differently, keep learning new skills. What’s missing right now?

Think, “What can I learn next to expand my mind (and my life)? What did I enjoy as a child, adolescent, teenager, adult that I haven’t done recently?” Look widely. Enlarge your perspective.

Ask yourself “What feels emotionally and physically good to me? What transports me away from what’s happening in my life? What feels good to me and fits with my values. ”

Start with 5 minutes a day. Everyone has 5 minutes a day, don’t they!

You choose how to express yourself. You create your life. Learn and create more and live life more fully.

I use hypnotherapy to help you to make change that's positive and life affirming, whilst harnessing your creativity.

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