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It is Fun to Create!

In research studies, taking part in crafting activities led to greater rejuvenation, arousal, inspiration, feeling positively engaged and feelings of happiness. Also, crafts were used in the rehabilitation of soldiers following World War II, and found to be a joyous activity, to improve confidence, reduce tension and promote creativity.

I've been making polymer clay jewellery, which I find to be a great form of relaxation. If you wish to purchase my exclusive jewellery, or to learn how to make it ... please get in touch via my Contact page. Soon, more of my handmade jewellery will appear on my shop front.

References: "Rejuvenation in the making. Lingering mood repair in textile handcrafters", in Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts", Collier AF & Von Karolyl C (2014); and "Handcraft Activities during Rehabilitation Program", Ferdouse J (2013)

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