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Time to put yourself first, to take care of you

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Lots of us are feeling anxious with the changes being thrust upon us. Some of us were already feeling this way. I am here to help you manage that discomfort. To help you to adapt to our world as it changes. To feel good.

I give online hypnotherapy and life coaching sessions to fit in with your day to day routine. You can feel safe and comfortable in your own home whilst receiving help.

And if you are not sure whether hypnotherapy is right for you, I encourage you to arrange a free 20 minute telephone consultation with me. What have you got to lose? An opportunity to find a positive approach like no other.

Clients often ask me:

What can I expect from hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses the state of hypnosis to manage an unwanted habit, behaviour or medical problem. As a highly trained clinical hypnotherapist, my role is to keep you safe and empower you to always be in control. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) endorse clinical hypnotherapy as being effective in relieving psychological and physical symptoms, and improving quality of life, alongside cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation and mindfulness therapies, all of which I incorporate into hypnosis.

How many sessions are needed?

Each session is tailored according to your individual needs, expectations, levels of anxiety, fear or other unwanted emotions and how long you have had unwanted feelings. This all influences the number of sessions I recommend which we will discuss at the initial consultation session.

How has hypnotherapy helped others with similar symptoms?

On my 'About Me' page under Testimonials and also on my 'Hypnotherapy' page you can read what other clients are saying.

Can you give me four quick ways of managing anxiety?

Identify the symptoms

Stop it before it starts

Learn to relax

Be kind to yourself

More details can be found on my 'Hypnotherapy' page on this website or on the Hypnotherapy Directory here

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