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New Moon intentions

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

A New Moon is around the corner and we can harness its energy to set new intentions and goals for 2021. I’ve come up with my ‘Play list’ for fun in 2021. My intention is to build and strengthen positive brain pathways every day by learning new skills. What are your intentions for 2021?! Perhaps you can draw them or write your goal activities down in some creative way?

Think of this as a great exercise to cultivate a stronger relationship with yourself, to really get to know yourself. It is also an act of kindness to make quality fun time for yourself. You will also transform anxiety into calm.

If you think about it, a lot of what we do on a holiday, we can do at home. Taking time away from work, time to relax, to read a book, to spend time chatting to family or friends online or doing something we enjoy.

And if you don't feel like doing the activity you had planned, just do it anyway. If you wait until you feel like it you may never do it and you will regret it. I suggest you set aside twenty minutes every day to learn a new skill three times a week. Once you have been doing the activity for five minutes and start to get into the flow of it, you will soon start to enjoy it. Your motivation levels will soon rise.

For details on how to make the most of your imagination using hypnotherapy, click here and here.



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