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Hypnotherapy can help you smash it!

There are two fears we are born with, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

Other fears are learned behaviour and can be unlearned with hypnotherapy. Sometimes, in just two sessions.

With fear, anxiety and trauma, the primitive part of our brain, sometimes called the ‘Reptilian Brain’ reacts swiftly to anxiety provoking or feared situations. It is almost as if we act before we know it.

We behave in an unwanted way that is not helping us. We comfort eat or we might avoid social situations or certain experiences or places.

We are in survival mode which is holding us back from where we want to be.

I use hypnotherapy to remove the blocks that keep a person in distress.

Forces can exist at unconscious levels that cause pain, conflict and fear, emotional and/or physical.

Would you prefer to move forwards with new confidence? With courage too?

Emma at wright4relaxation

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