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Does your young person struggle with anxiety or suffer from panic attacks?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I was having a conversation with another parent this week.

Sadly, I hear all too often about a time when a young person asked for help and was offered anti-anxiety pills or some other medication – when what they really need is a kind of ‘emotional toolkit’, to equip them take control of anxiety in the very moment it happens.

That’s where I come in with:

-How to manage and stop panic attacks

-Learning coping techniques

-A multitude of approaches for relaxation, managing worries, anxiety and fear

My young clients tell me it’s tough studying online, and applying for and starting a first job online. Also that not having the freedom to engage in relationships face to face throughout Lockdowns has affected their mental health.

To give some context to what I believe people may have been feeling in recent times ...

When we are living by the same unconscious routines, we feel the same every day, building a predictable future from a familiar past. In the Lockdown year, days have been filled with anxiety and the fear of the unknown for many people. That’s what I see, hear about and what the statistics say.

The good news is that as your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality you can create your own reality. Plan and enjoy the day you want. Visualise the future you want.

However, if you focus on events that create a stress response in the body and mind then you keep re-living the same stressors over and over again. Your brain, your negative emotions, judgements, limiting beliefs all keep producing adrenalin, the body’s hormone generated by the stress response. We can change that and encourage our bodies to release endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin - all the feel good hormones that lift mood and give us pleasure.

Our negative thoughts and feelings affect our bodies and our lives. We can change that with healthy habits, supportive relationships, and taking quality time out for ourselves regularly.

If your young person needs help, why not suggest they take a look around my website including my client testimonials or they can contact me for an informal chat.

Hypnotherapy and life coaching can make all the difference to a young person’s life.

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