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Create a rich meaningful life by following your heart, what you want in life.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

What makes you tick!

Start with your values.

Values help you to see the bigger picture, to focus on what is most important to you.

Your values and beliefs define what is most important to you. They span your lifetime and may change. Values guide each of your choices in life. Think of them as directions or sign posts. They help you to make decisions and to set consistent goals for the life you want. They suggest healthy boundaries. Values also help you to feel better about yourself and your life and reduce anxiety.

Someone who values family might plan to spend extra time at home, whilst someone who values success in their career may do just the opposite. Understanding your values will help you recognise areas of your life that you want to give more attention and what to prioritize in the future.

To give you another example, one of my top values is physical health. Ultimately to be the fittest I can be. Long term it’s important to me as in ten years time and onwards when my sons are old enough to stay home alone, I plan to return to enjoying high altitude walking holidays in the Himalayas. I am also passionate about fitness as I had a hip replacement at a young age and know what it feels like to be in chronic pain. I intend to continue to leave that chronic pain behind.

Have a go at your Values Inventory

Exercise 1: Select your 10 most important values from the undernoted list. Rank them 1-10 with ‘1’ being the most important value. If you can’t find an important value on the list, add it in.

Exercise 2: Are you living in line with your values? Choose the top 5 values from your choice of 10 and write about how each is expressed in your daily life in your journal. Think of and write down some ways that will allow you to most fully enjoy what’s most important to you more and more. Give priority in your day to what you value most.

Exercise 3: In each area of your life: work, leisure, health and relationships, you can ask yourself for example, "What do I want in a job/for my health/in my relationships?" and then ask "How can I achieve that?" Maybe follow that up with "How will I know if a certain criteria has been met?"

-Achievement -Artistic expression -Beauty -Commitment -Control -Community -Creativity -Duty -Empowerment -Faith -Family -Friendship -Freedom -Getting ahead -Growth -Health -Fitness -Joy -Knowledge -Learning -Love -Vitality -Energy -Loyalty -Nature -Peace -Pleasure -Popularity -Power -Security -Safety -Sharing -Spiritual wealth -Wisdom -Understanding -Tradition -Support -Wealth -Success -Free time -Adventure -Calmness -Fun -Recognition -Humour -Respect -Relaxation

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