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Get motivated and lose weight in seven steps

When it comes to weight loss, most people just focus on the diet itself, but I believe that can lead to disappointment. The key to successful weight loss is motivation – both during and before a weight loss plan.

Here’s what you can do to get motivated and take control of your weight:

1. Write down the benefits of a healthier fitter lifestyle. All of them. It’s powerful. Look at that long list of benefits every day, e.g. improved confidence, increased energy levels and feeling revitalised. Focus on that slimmer version of you.

2. Be confident in your strengths. Think about what you’re good at. Write your strengths down too. What did you do well today, yesterday, last week? Ask someone you trust what they like about you. Add those qualities too! They’re all there, inside of you. Your identity is much more than what your weight. Changing your mindset will increase you self belief in your ability to achieve what you want

3. Relax daily. Think of the last time you really relaxed. What were you doing? Do more of that, today, everyday. Relaxed people have greater clarity of vision, and an improved focus on achieving their goals

4. Draw up your SMART action plan.

  • Be S=specific. What is your specific goal? How much weight do you want to lose and by when?

  • M=measurable. How will you track your calories so you’ll clearly know when you succeed

  • A=Achievable. If you are not exercising at present, you might begin with five minutes of gentle exercise each day and incrementally increase this time to what’s appropriate for you. If you are already burning x calories weekly during exercise, increasing exercise by a small amount should be manageable. To burn an extra 250 calories, you might add one extra workout.

  • R=Realistic. Exercise helps with weight loss, so a daily exercise plan is relevant to your objective.

  • T=Timely. Set a goal for a week, a month, two months. Stick to them. Next week review the goals in line with your objective if necessary.

Share your SMART plan with a supportive friend or partner. Review it. Action it daily. Keep reminding yourself of your strengths. You CAN do it.

5. Maintenance. Keep it up! New healthier habits will become a natural part of your day. Get the support of people around you. Anticipate when you are going to be tempted and what you can do to maintain control. Remind yourself of your positive progress. As you succeed you will feel better on the outside and on the inside

6. Visualise yourself. How do you imagine yourself looking in one week, one month, two months, six months, one year’s time - the way you want to be, feel, behave. Do you have role models that achieved what you want to achieve? Well, you can do it to. Create a ‘visualisation board’ of what success looks like for you. Put it up in a prominent position to look at and update daily. Fill yourself up with positive affirmations, e.g. “More and more, I am in control of what I eat and when I exercise. I feel great!”

7. Celebrate your achievements. Every step of the way reward yourself with something you enjoy, which reinforces your new healthier lifestyle. Be inspired by your energy and enthusiasm.

So what are you waiting for? Just do it! And when you do you will see the health benefits which will motivate you even more! Keep reminding yourself why weight loss is important to you and that every step you take is a step closer to achieving your shiny new goal.

Motivation is a challenge to break into, but when you do, achieving your goals becomes more of a reality. Just think of your increased confidence, how good you will feel when you achieve your desired weight. Make that more powerful and your motivation will far exceed your desire to comfort eat.

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