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Are you struggling with a skin condition?

We know that skin conditions can be made worse by stress, anger, anxiety and fear.

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body? Is it any wonder then, that our complexion can mirror what is happening in the unconscious mind?

Not feeling good negatively influences how we feel about ourselves, and we can give our confidence a boost with hypnotherapy.

The skin has a strong connection to different parts of the body and mind:

  • The nervous system, which is in charge of emotions and controls the capillaries, carrying blood to the surface of the skin

  • Our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems display unconscious emotional responses by sending messages to the body via neurotransmitters that show up on the skin

  • The skin responds to emotional stimuli such as anger, fear, and happiness. Due to the overstimulation of stress chemicals, anger can make the skin go red. With fear our skin can become pale. Embarrassment might lead to blushing

  • How we are feeling shows up on the skin. Therefore it is possible that negative emotions might aggravate or cause skin conditions and positive emotions allow our skin to glow

  • Have you noticed that with a relaxed body, muscular tension reduces, posture improves, and you can feel physically better? When you are relaxed and happy in your body, your skin can feel healthier too

  • It follows then that a calm mind and body can potentially calm your skin, having a positive effect on your skin condition

Have you ever considered that an ongoing skin condition might be a message from the body, suggesting you need to take some action, make a change perhaps to be happy and healthy?

Six Top Tips!

1. Keep a diary of when symptoms are worst and when they are better. Look out for patterns in symptoms from what you eat as well as toxins in your environment

2. What emotional tension do you experience day to day? Take short relaxation breaks. For just ten minutes find a quiet space, somewhere you will not be disturbed. Start by relaxing each part of your body in turn. To let go of physical tension you can also use your breath to inhale the word “calm”, or other word that you associate with relaxation

3. Consider your conflicts and fears, values and unfulfilled needs. Get to know yourself and understand your challenges. The next step is to take positive and SMART action (specific, measurable, realistic and timely). Move forwards in line with your values

4. Take part in activities you enjoy and find relaxing. Ensure you get time out from busyness, from your work and/or your children’s hectic schedule. Don’t allow a skin condition to shrink your life by missing out on what you enjoy

5. Hypnotherapy can help you manage physical discomfort, heat, and itchiness as well as take you to a safe place where uncomfortable skin sensations can be cooled, soothed and comforted

Hypnotherapy can ‘talk’ to and soothe your unconscious mind, remove unnecessary guilt or trauma. We can use the power of your imagination to visualize yourself in a health spa designed perfectly for your skin. You might even be luxuriating in a tub of healing water

6. Experience reflexology with me! Every part of your body is mapped on your feet, including your skin. Reflexology can relax the areas of your body affected by your skin condition by working on the corresponding reflex points on your feet

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