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Take control of comfort eating with hypnotherapy

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

People often struggle with weight loss, turning to diets that don’t provide long-term benefits. We know that diets help you to lose weight, but not to control weight. Research shows that most people put weight back on because they are not in control of what they eat.

It doesn’t help that sugary foods are everywhere, and packaged so attractively. That makes it all too easy to reach out for another sugary snack.

Stress, the inability to relax, difficult relationships, and the challenges of parenting are but a few triggers for comfort eating. I help you to take an alternative approach to reaching out for unhealthy food that is instantly available, one that’s more rewarding and part of a healthier lifestyle.

Some people don’t even realise they are stressed or uptight. I help individuals to recognise physical and emotional tension and how to feel more relaxed. Hypnotherapy is a creative, insightful and therapeutic process.

You will learn techniques to reduce and manage your stress levels which in turn can allow you to make healthier choices.

The techniques can be used in any situation that is anxiety provoking in the present and in the future, and therefore have a long-term benefit.

Clients I see often lack confidence, have tried countless diets and put weight back on, and are about to give up on losing weight altogether. Before coming for hypnotherapy, people often don’t believe they can lose weight or feel it’s just not worth the effort. I like to think of hypnotherapy as a catalyst for healthy change.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Usually a minimum of four sessions are required. Everyone is different. That’s why we will review how you’re doing as we go. You can decide on a SMART goal (specific, measurable, realistic, timely) and allocate priorities to actions.

Most of my weight loss clients have struggled with anxiety and unhealthy eating for years. In hypnotherapy we unlearn unhealthy behaviours and replace these with healthier behaviours.

We start with stabilisation, which is strengthening confidence, self-belief and motivation to lose weight and take control of anxiety. The foundations must be built before lasting change can take place.

Next we focus on change, followed by the maintenance of a healthier lifestyle.

The more you practice in between sessions then potentially the more powerful the results. Regular practice of self hypnosis is encouraged using recordings of sessions.

I had a client confide in me that six months after hypnotherapy she was still losing weight. Another client made significant changes to her life following hypnotherapy, one was changing her job as she recognised her stress levels at work were a huge trigger for sugar cravings.

Some clients tell me they have no desire at all to eat sugary foods following hypnosis.

Everyone is different and expectancy, belief and practice of self-hypnosis can all make a difference to outcome.

The benefits of hypnotherapy

  • Will help you connect with your strengths

  • Improves your confidence and self esteem

  • Learn relaxation techniques to manage anxiety

  • Learning techniques to manage triggers for sugar cravings and comfort eating

  • Encouraging you to make healthier food choices

  • Can increase your motivation to exercise

View research evidence from the National Library of Medicine on the positive effect of hypnotherapy on weight loss

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