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Warm Bamboo Massage comes to Ashtead!

Most people know about hot stone massage and how incredible it can be at easing muscle tension ... but you may not have heard about warm bamboo massage.

I’m bringing warm bamboo massage to Ashtead – and here are a few questions I have already been asked:

What is Warm Bamboo Massage?

​​Using warm bamboo as part of massage is a newer innovation in the UK than hot stones. The heat of the bamboo (and the heat of hot stones), allows for deeper work on muscles whilst enhancing relaxation benefits. Depth of pressure is tailored, to ease muscular aches and pains using pressure that feels good for you.

What’s the history of Warm Bamboo Massage?

​Warm bamboo is used to increase the effectiveness of massage in China, Brazil and other countries. In China bamboo is used in the construction industry, to make musical instruments and farming tools. Bamboo has a structure that is stronger than steel. In Australia it is used by Aborigines in medicine to treat infection and speed up healing.

I use bamboo cane of twelve varying lengths and diameters. There is a smooth quality to the bamboo, promoting an energizing, revitalizing, and relaxing treatment.

How does a Warm Bamboo treatment work?

​Initially I apply oil to the muscles to warm them up. Then I work progressively deeper with my hands and elbows. Using my hands I easily locate muscle tension and treat trigger points.

I can continue to work even deeper with the bamboo which acts as an extension of my hands and fingers, allowing me to work longer and deeper overall than by just using my hands. I also use the bamboo to roll and knead muscle tissue.

The different sizes of bamboo allow for precision with smaller as well as bigger knotted areas of muscle. The bamboo enables me to work more effectively on larger muscle groups such as the quadriceps, IT band or hamstrings, as well as smaller muscle areas across the shoulders or each erector spinae along the spine for example.

What are the benefits of Warm Bamboo Massage?

  • Works deep on muscles and helps with relaxation

  • Loosens tension better than hands-on massage alone

  • Eases all sorts of muscular aches and pains

  • Reduces stress in body and mind

  • Helps enhance the quality of sleep

  • Improves circulation

  • Helps prevent and minimise injury

Which treatment is best for me, Bamboo or Hot Stones?

Bamboo has the potential of working more deeply into muscles than hot stones. The different sizes of bamboo allow for smaller precision work on tense muscles compared to the hot stones, and can more easily be used on smaller and larger muscles. However, the various sizes of the hot stones and bamboo are designed to be used on different sized muscle groups or areas of tension.

If depth of pressure isn’t so important to you, then the hot stones may be more preferable. Also the hot stones retain heat for longer than the bamboo and are thought to increase the flow of the body’s natural energy better.

If you are not sure which to chose, warm bamboo or hot stones then I can combine both into your treatment for maximum effect!

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