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Six ways to beat those Easter sugar cravings!

We are gifted SO many chocolate eggs. Our willpower has to be SO strong not to eat all our chocolate in one or two sittings! Want to learn some empowering techniques I’ve shared with clients to control those sugar cravings? IMAGINE BEING IN CHARGE OF CHOCOLATE!

Six simple things you can do to manage sugar cravings:

1/ Out of sight, out of mind. Hide those chocolate treats and take one portion of chocolate (healthy sized!) out of its hiding place at a time

2/ Take yourself back to the last time you ate too much chocolate. How did you feel physically, emotionally? Ask yourself, “Do I REALLY want to feel those uncomfortable feelings again?”

3/ Have you ever gone most of the day without a healthy meal, perhaps no breakfast? Then you find you are REALLY hungry, and it’s SO easy to reach for chocolate. Don’t go there. Always be prepared with a healthy meal ... and always have a healthy snack ready ... just in case

4/ Distance yourself from sugar cravings by going for a walk, reading a book, or getting involved in some other activity that you enjoy and that’s a good distraction

5/ Be more mindful about what you put into your body. Sugary food contains serotonin, giving us pleasure, but ONLY for a very short time. Then the calories AND the weight stay on

6/ Eat a balanced diet, with planned mealtimes, giving your body the nutrition and energy it needs for all the activities you enjoy. Then you will be less likely to want to feed your body with chocolate

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