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A positive exercise in Gratitude

I led a hypno-relaxation group this week. I started with a 'Gratitude' exercise … Research evidence supports that writing in a 'Gratitude Diary' three things that you are grateful for that day, however big or small, can help build a more positive mindset.

I thought I would kick off with something I am grateful for ... my family holiday a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned that our negative bias can kick in ahead of the positives. This is a good example! My 9 year old son woke me up at 5:30am every morning! The bonus was, I walked on the beach early enough to enjoy the sun rise. Isn't it beautiful!

Research evidence has also shown that writing in a 'Gratitude diary' is more powerful than just thinking about what you are grateful for, because you are also engaging your motor skills whilst writing … as well as the creative and logical parts of your brain, thereby strengthening the neuron connections for positivity!

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