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Merlin dog brings lots of comfort and calm during Lockdowns

Well it is true that my dog which I have painted here continues to bring lots of unconditional love to me, every place, and everywhere. And it seems dog ownership has soared since last year. Is it any wonder? I can't begin to describe how much calm and confidence my daily routine of self hypnosis brings too.

That brings me to share with you the launch of my new hypnotic mind therapy in May. This will be a revolutionary approach to managing anxiety and trauma in their many guises, and to helping with weight loss. Another valuable asset to add to your hypnotic tool kit.

I have been using Lockdown to learn more about the human brain and more specifically how this insight can be used to reduce anxiety effectively and increase confidence, self esteem and relaxation levels. And to take control of unwelcome habits and behaviours.

Watch this space!


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