Six ways to beat those Easter sugar cravings!

We are gifted SO many chocolate eggs. Our willpower has to be SO strong not to eat all our chocolate in one or two sittings! Want to learn some empowering techniques I’ve shared with clients to control those sugar cravings? IMAGINE BEING IN CHARGE OF CHOCOLATE! Six simple things you can do to manage sugar cravings: 1/ Out of sight, out of mind. Hide those chocolate treats and take one portion of chocolate (healthy sized!) out of its hiding place at a time 2/ Take yourself back to the last time you ate too much chocolate. How did you feel physically, emotionally? Ask yourself, “Do I REALLY want to feel those uncomfortable feelings again?” 3/ Have you ever gone most of the day without a health

What is hypnosis-does it really work?

Hypnosis sounds like a fairytale thing but it actually holds great importance in the field of medical science. Take a look at this recent article from Lifestyle Journal discussing hypnosis.

March 15th is World Sleep Day!

I have had clients come to me with sleep issues. We know that following a good night’s sleep we have more energy, greater clarity of mind, feel happier, enjoy better quality time with family and friends, and are more productive at work. 5 Top tips for quality sleep: 1/ Switch off all electrical appliances, your mobile phone, computer, IPad, TV one hour before going to bed 2/ Do not have any electrical gadgets in your bedroom 3/ Get as much natural sunlight in the daytime by spending time outdoors daily 4/ If worrying keeps you awake at night, schedule in 20 minutes every day to assess your worries 5/ Daily exercise helps boost your endorphins and can help improve your quality of sleep. Make