From Retail Banking ~ to Assistant Physiotherapist ~ to Reflexologist & Sports Massage Therapist

What JOURNEY are you on? Need help on your journey through CHANGE? Combining approaches, utilising body and mind therapy ... for the treatment of a range of conditions including: Anxiety, Phobias, Insomnia, Weight management, Digestive system problems, Back pain and other muscular tension ... for body and mind affect one another ... each are inextricably linked Step this way ... take a closer look ...

A positive exercise in Gratitude

I led a hypno-relaxation group this week. I started with a 'Gratitude' exercise … Research evidence supports that writing in a 'Gratitude Diary' three things that you are grateful for that day, however big or small, can help build a more positive mindset. I thought I would kick off with something I am grateful for ... my family holiday a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned that our negative bias can kick in ahead of the positives. This is a good example! My 9 year old son woke me up at 5:30am every morning! The bonus was, I walked on the beach early enough to enjoy the sun rise. Isn't it beautiful! Research evidence has also shown that writing in a 'Gratitude diary' is more powerful than just t

What do hypno-reflexology and the coolest animal feet have in common?!

Did you know: That a butterfly’s taste buds are at the bottom of their feet? That an ostrich has two toes enabling it to run up to 70km per hour? That the tiny microscopic hairs on a gecko’s toes stick to surfaces? Is it any wonder then, that the human body is thought to be mapped on the feet?! That's the theory of reflexology, which accompanied by hypnosis for relaxation, aims to deepen physical and emotional well being. Experience a session and find out for yourself. Contact me by email: