Mind-Relaxation Training with Ashtead Cancer Group

I spent an enjoyable evening with Ashtead Cancer Group on Thursday. I kicked off with a presentation on Body Mind Therapy, which includes sports massage, shiatsu, reflexology and hypnotherapy. To follow, I gave a session of Mind Relaxation Therapy, taking the group to their safe place, which was well received by all. To book a group or 1:1 session of Mind Relaxation Therapy, or to benefit from any of my other valuable therapies, please visit the Contact Page on my website,

Shiatsu evidenced as highly beneficial for cancer and palliative care patients

Shiatsu given in the out-patient clinic of Bart's Hospital in London, was found to considerably reduce concerns of cancer and palliative care patients. Well-being doubled and concerns significantly reduced .. including concerns for pain (39%), anxiety & stress (36%), fatigue (7%) and insomnia (4%). Patients reported inner strength increasing, sleep patterns and confidence improving. (Reference: Browne N & Cabo, F, "Shiatsu in the hospital: a research project", Bart's Health, NHS Trust, October 2016) Shiatsu is beneficial for many symptoms. To make an appointment for shiatsu, please go to my Contact page.

Your success depends on you

Deshung Wang decided to get fit in his sixties. He was on the catwalk aged eighty. His message is that it is never too late to be who you want to be ... or do what you want to do. What's your goal right now? I can help you with body-mind relaxation therapy. For a FREE twenty minute consultation please visit my Contact Page.